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This web site documents a performance art work that promotes critical analyses of the nature of art, knowledge and Wikipedia. It is not affiliated with Wikipedia in any way. The Wikipedia website is located at

Wikipedia Art logo, February 2009
Wikipedia Art logo, February 2009
This Wiki (in progress) serves as an archive of the Wikipedia Art entries and discussions as they existed on Wikipedia, both in its 15-hour existence on that site, as well as the few debates in the days that followed. The work now lives in a different form. The following linked pages are copies from Wikipedia articles with similar or the same names (see individual pages for more), from Feb 14-15 2009; they are, accordingly and in good faith, licensed under GFDL.
  • Wikipedia Art, the original post to Wikipedia on 14 February 2009 (not available anywhere in their archives)
  • Wikipedia Art RIP, Wikipedia Art just before it was removed from Wikipedia on 15 February 2009
  • Delete, the deleted and slated page on Wikipedia
  • Werdna, the 18 year old "old hand" that deleted the entry / art work.
  • History of Wikipedia Art completely erased from Wikipedia. Despite more than 2 dozen edits to the page, there is absolutely no record of its text, anywhere on the site.
  • Final Wikipedia-based discussion / debate (not really) featuring Wikipedia Art. Here the attempted page added (now gone) focuses on the domain dispute rather than the work of art or ongoing performance. There is also a proposal to merge the page into the larger Wikipedia in culture page, but eventually a small section was added to the pages of the artists.
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